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Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 23: Back from Break & Breaking Down Milan

Pat and Tim return from their personal international break to talk Milan’s struggles this season.

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Pat and Tim are back from their personal international break and break down Milan’s struggles: with underperforming players, a manager change, and a season falling apart, what does Milan do now?

0:00 - We’re back!

1:07 - Milan since we last talked

3:47 - Milan’s struggles

6:00 - Breaking down Milan’s troubles

13:30 - Milan with Pioli

16:00 - Player breakdown

22:00 - How to improve?

23:35 - Caldara questions

26:20 - What to expect in January transfer window

39:30 - Zlatan IN

43:08 - While we were gone...

43:20 - Carlos Vela debate

45:49 - Tim at MLS Cup Final

51:11 - Patrick’s Wedding

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