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Milan Player Ratings: Juventus 1-0 Milan

Again Milan were solid but a loss of focus costs them points in Turin

Juventus v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Milan went into Turin to pickup some points against rival Juventus. To everyones surprise much of the first half was fairly back and fourth between AC Milan and Juventus. Both teams exchanged scoring chances (with the closest coming from a Piatek header). This was a positive first half from Milan as they showed they could match Juventus. After 45 minutes Milan were playing well but could they sustain this good play?

The second half picked up where the first half left off. Fairly back and fourth between both teams as neither team in my opinion really having an edge. At times Juventus had their chances and there times Milan fired back with chances of their own. Then Juventus and more specifically Pauolo Dybala had a great chance and buried it in the net. Milan attempted to comeback but their numerous attempts just would not find the back of the net.

Now we shall look at the AC Milan player rating!


Gianluigi Donnarumma: Gigio didn't see much attention against Juventus. He was only tested a few times and the one time Juventus scored was not Gigio’s fault. 6/10

Andrea Conti: The first half of this match saw great improvement from Conti especially defensively. Conti was making great runs forward that created a few chances for Milan. If Conti continues to trend upward then he will surely maintain a starting spot. 6/10

Leo Duarte: I don't have much to say about Duarte because he was fine. He looks decent alongside Romagnoli but I’m not sure if he is the solution at right centre back. 6/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Even with a shaved head, Romagnoli is still a good Romagnoli. Time and time again he is the backbone for Milan. Then Romagnoli had a disaster class when he was faked out by Dybala who put Juventus up 1-0. 5.5/10

Theo Hernandez: Again Hernandez continues to impress for Milan. Him on the left side with Romagnoli has been great defensively. Going forward Theo didn't have his usual exceptional runs but he was still dangerous. 6.5/10

Rade Krunic: In my opinion Milan have gotten similar production from Krunic as they have gotten from Franck Kessie. Krunic is better on the ball and in the past few games he has been fairly decent. 6.5/10

Ismael Bennacer: Bennacer is now showing Milan fans what all that hype was about. Defensively he always seems to get a foot in at the last moment to break up play. Offensively he moves the ball forward and dictates play. It is great to watch. 7/10

Lucas Paqueta: A great game from Lucas Paqueta. In this match he increased his work rate on both ends. He was solid on defence making great tackles and numerous times he played great balls in to create chances. 6.5/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: Calhanoglu worked hard in this match but his creativity fell short. In the last few matches he was creating chances for Milan but in this match he failed to do so. Calhanoglu is given a lot of freedom with Pioli at the helm and late he peppered Juventus with shots. 6/10

Krzysztof Piatek: Piatek continues to just squander any scoring chances he gets. His confidence is at an all time low and it seems nothing is going to get him going. 5/10

Suso: Suso was quiet at times during this match. He made some creative plays, especially the cross to Piatek who failed to capitalize on the header. Other times he didn't see much of the ball and of course didn't contribute much. 6/10


Jack Bonaventura: Jack was quiet once he came on for Krunic. I expected Jack to be a more offensive force but his creativity just wasn't there tonight. 5/10

Rafael Leao: Leao still has a lot of room to grow. At times he goes for too much flair and not enough substance, he should learn that with age. Even with too much flair I still believe Leao should be starting over Piatek. 5.5/10

Ante Rebic: Another match where Ante Rebic looks out of place. At Frankfurt, Rebic looked amazing with his combination of skill and pace but at Milan nothing has gone right. Rebic has talent there is no doubt about that and it showed on the one cross late. 5.5/10