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Milan Player Rating: Roma 2-1 Milan

After a promising first 30 minutes Milan fall flat

AS Roma v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Coming off of a good performance against Lecce, AC Milan came into Rome looking to pickup points. For the first 30 or minutes of this match Milan looked to be the more dangerous team and things looked promising. As per usual Milan could not sustain their good play. At the 38 minute mark Eden Dzeko was left unmarked in the box and scored for Roma. Going into halftime Milan were down and their play was getting worse.

Milan came out with a bit more fire to start the second half. Surprisingly that fire actually turned into a goal by Theo Hernandez assisted by Davide Calabria. But like every other right back Milan has, Calabria made an extremely costly mistake in which Roma capitalized. Just three minute after the Hernandez goal Nicolo Zaniolo scored to give Roma the lead. Milan’s lacklustre play continued and this lead to a lack of scoring chances. In the end Milan lost 2-1 in a disappointing effort.


Gigio Donnarumma: Gigio Donnarumma is one of the few players on Milan that are actually good. Time and time again Donnarumma saves Milan from a very ugly scoreline and simply Milan don't deserve Gigio. 7/10

Andrea Conti: After last weeks absolutely terrible performance it was surprising that Conti got the start. Well Conti played horrible again, i’m not sure if his previous injuries are in his head or if he just lost his touch. 3.5/10

Matteo Musacchio: One thing about Musacchio is that he is consistent, yes he is consistently mediocre but hey at least its consistency. He had moments that were good but we can always count on a Musacchio mistake but thankfully it did not lead to a goal. 6/10

Alessio Romagnoli: Like Donnarumma, Romagnoli falls into the category of a quality player. He also saves Milan from an ugly scoreline. If Milan don't finish up the season well, we could see our two stars leaving. 6.5/10

Theo Hernandez: What a find Theo Hernandez was this summer. His pace and explosiveness are exactly what Milan needed on that left side. Hernandez scored again and looked very dangerous in the final third. Maybe most important he was solid on the defensive end. 7.5/10

Franck Kessie: The past two games Franck Kessie has been easy to miss on the pitch. He hasn't done anything and his touch on the ball has been atrocious. Maybe Pioli should give Kessie a break and play some else like Jack or Bennacer in his place. Kessie was also to blame for leaving Dzeko unmarked on the corner. 4.5/10

Lucas Biglia: Last week Biglia was serviceable but this week he was again a slug. He was slow on the ball and didn't look to move the ball forward at many points in this match. In midfield Milan is a mess and Biglia isn't the only problem. 5/10

Lucas Paqueta: Similar to Kessie the last two matches have not been kind to Lucas Paqueta. Pioli implores Paqueta to go forward in the attack, this should be one of Paqueta’s strengths but he just isn't getting the job done. Paqueta is playing nowhere near the level he played after arriving last January. 5/10

Hakan Calhanoglu: It seems as if Hakan fooled us all last week against Lecce. Many were raving about how well his performance was but against Roma he looked so much worse. Calhanoglu returned to his normal form against Roma. Also just to touch on his free kicks and corners they are just terrible. 5.5/10

Rafael Leao: Leao was impressive in previous outings but in the last two matches he has been in very poor form. At times Leao makes it more difficult than it should be, instead of making an easy pass he decides to dance with the ball. Leao is still young though and shows a ton of promise. 5.5/10

Suso: Last week many Milan fans were calling for Suso’s head and I tend to agree especially after this match. Suso is a one trick pony and if that trick doesn't work he losses the ball easily. Maybe Suso is part of the problem. 5.5/10


Davide Calabria: Calabria come on and instantly assisted on Theo Hernandez’s goal and things looked promising for the young right back. Of course that didn't last long because he gave the ball away and gifted a goal to Roma. It seems as if Milan are in desperate need for a right back and might want to purchase one in January. 4.5/10

Krzysztof Piatek: Piatek came on but didn't make much of an impact on the match. There was maybe one instance where Piatek flashed as he made a nice run off a throw in and gave it to Calhanoglu who could not capitalize. 5.5/10

Ismael Bennacer: Bennacer came on later in the match and like Biglia didn't have much impact in the regista role. Usually Bennacer moves the ball forward but he failed to do so in this match. 5.5/10