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AC Milan’s Technical Director Talks About The Rebuilding, Firing Giampaolo and Berlusconi’s Humour

Maldini speaks to Sky Sport Italia on the rebuilding process and Berlusconi.

Paolo Maldini, technical director of AC Milan, looks on... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

AC Milan’s Technical Director Paolo Maldini spoke to Sky Sport Italia via Football Italia.

“It’s a delicate moment but also part of the club’s regrowth,”

“Three ownership changes in a few years have undermined the team, and this year’s coaching change is something we didn’t expect.

“It was a decision we made reluctantly, but there was a need to turn to an experienced Coach with strong ideas for a young team.

“If you make a decision in the middle of the season, it means the season is already over.

“If you make it at the start it can rush you, but it can also have an impact on your season.

“The journey is difficult, the fans and those who watch Milan have a more complete idea of ​​the situation, but I’m used to criticism. I’m doing my best: whether I last here depends on results.”

Despite his legendary status at San Siro, the 51-year-old appeared to fall out with previous owner Silvio Berlusconi at the time of his retirement.

“I’ll always love him. His tendency to always crack jokes often makes him come across as inelegant, but my affection for him will remain intact.

“The fact I’m here working with Boban means we don’t want to take 10 years getting back to our previous level.

“Our presence should be a guarantee for a return to the top level within an acceptable timeframe.”

Maldini is calling on the fans to have faith in him, Boban and Elliot to bring Milan back to an acceptable standard in a reasonable timeframe. Only time will tell if the decision to fire Giampaolo and hire Pioli was the right one.