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Milan Municipality Is Blocking The Construction Of The Nuovo Stadio Milano; Renovation Preferred Over Demolition

AC Milan are stuck in the planning and implementation of the new stadium plans, here's the update.

General view of Giuseppe Meazza stadium (also known as San... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

The Milan Municipality is acting as a roadblock for the construction of the Nuovo Stadio Milano. The Mayor of Milan has been openly critical of the plan to demolish the San Siro and to construct a new stadium in the vicinity. Paolo Scaroni recently called upon citizens and officials of Milan to approve the project demonstarting it's central focus as a pillar of Elliot plan for Milan.

Corriere della Sera via Sempre Milan quote Giancarlo Tancredi commenting,

“It emerges that the theme of the maintenance and/or reconversion of the current stadium is certainly to be explored and developed.

“Also, some fundamental elements of the same proposal – which envisages the establishment of multiple urban functions and public interest – can also be assessed in the existing stadium, appropriately adapted and enhanced,” he writes.

“The maintenance of the plant, in this perspective could also allow a saving of the high costs for the demolition (€43m, and contribute to the containment of land consumption for the establishment of urban functions.

“The maintenance of the San Siro would avoid the possible critical consequences and complex management of the massive demolition and disposal of materials.

“In this respect, the handling of hundreds of heavy vehicles and the environmental impact that will derive locally will be particularly critical.”