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AC Milan Management Make PR Blunders At Town Hall and Press Conference Infuriating Milan Residents and Fans

‘Uno Stadio Per Milano’ Conference Photo by Pier Marco Tacca - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

Paolo Scaroni, AC Milan's current President attended a town hall earlier this week alongside his Inter Milan counterpart to discuss the prospective Nuovo Stadio Milano but was faced by stark negativity and dissent over the development. The Milanese residents were full of complaints concerned about the noise, the disruption of the area and the lack of benefit to the immediate community as per Gazzetta dello Sport via One Football. Scaroni went ahead to make controversial comments that were met by boos from the crowd and even more negative sentiment as he commented on the San Siro area around the stadium being a "wasteland.” He was jeered off the stag when he exited as per Calcio Mercato.

A few days later Milan fans were angered by the comments of Ivan Gazidis at the presentation of new manager Stefano Pioli as he shifted all the blame of the past season and the first seven games of the season onto the former management. The former Arsenal CEO claims that he and the Elliot Fund saved Milan from bankruptcy and have a difficult path set out for them per AC Milan News. The CEO did not take responsibility for the failings of the selection of players and manager over the summer and did not comment on the aptitude of the newly appointed Pioli.

Lastly, there was the case of Zvonimir Boban who claimed that Stefano Pioli was Milan's top choice despite the relatively public pursuit of former Inter manager Luciano Spalletti. This case was laughable as the lie was pretty standard for an appointment press conference but it fell perfectly in line with the comments of Milan's Ultras who said that Milan kept missing their top choices and trying to convince the fans that backups were as good as the real deal.

It's been a tough month for Milan’s management as the attention shifts to the ability and decision making of Gazidis, Maldini and Boban. The trio alongside Massara and Scaroni will be the focus of a lot of the sentiment that arises from the season as Milan look to undertake a monumental task of making back into the running for a top 4 spot despite losing 4 games and having Napoli, Juventus, Lazio and Roma in the next month or so.