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Tactical Review of Milan's Humiliating 3-1 Loss To Fiorentina At The San Siro

AC Milan took a hard hit at home against Fiorentina with a 3-1 loss. Here’s our review of the game:

AC Milan v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Matteo Ciambelli/NurPhoto via Getty Images

AC Milan took a hard hit at home against Fiorentina with a 3-1 loss. Here's our review of the game:

Donnarumma Still Saving Milan's Blushes

Donnarumma saves Milan blushes yet again. The young shot stopper put on a great performance apart from the goal where Robert sent him the wrong way proving beyond doubt that he is Milan’s most consistent performer. Donnarumma saved a penalty in the second half to deny Chiesa a goal and to keep Milan from imploding following the second foul committed in the box of the game. The goalkeeper must be thanked for his individual contribution to keep Milan in every game this season and keeping Milan from conceding over 3 goals per game given the absolutely disastrous state of the defence.

Musacchio Throws The Game Away Again

The Argentine centre-back faced a lot of criticism from me last game day as he was beaten twice be Belotti leading to both of Torino’s goals. This week he lost his nerve and made a utterly useless and mistimed challenge on Franck Ribery leading to his sending off when Milan needed support to attack. His red killed any momentum that Milan had and led to Giampaolo withdrawing an attacker for a defender giving Fiorentina a numerical advantage when defending. Musacchio has always been an average partner for Romagnoli but is top error prone to be dependable for a team looking for a UCL spot as his errors have been costly.

Bennacer Overwhelmed and Lacking Support

Ismael Bennacer started his second game in a row for Milan and was once again on the receiving end of a thorough beat down by the opposition. Bennacer’s performances have been average but have shown great potential and give Milan fans some excitement due to all the chances he takes and creates as well as his knack to cleverly regain possession. But he is being put into difficult situations leading to mistakes. He often has passes intercepted largely due to poor balls being played his way and against Fiorentina he conceded two penalties because he responded rashly to the mistakes of Milan’s defence. The Algerian had a game to forget but his errors were more forced on him by his teammates than himself.

Defence Is Weak and Often Ball-Watching

Milan have conceded seven goals in the past three games against good attacking teams. In each of the past three games, the opponents have had incredible chances to run up the score even further but are denied by the post or Gigio. The main cause of Milan’s poor record at the back is the tendency for the defenders to watch the ball and make not attempts to shut down the play through a tackle nor by closing down the space. Musacchio, Conti and now Calabria are directly involved in plays that led to the opposition scoring when they simply watched the ball and did nothing. The defence needs to be proactive and always looking to cut down on the space and chances for a he opposition to exploit rather than escorting them into the box.

Rafael Leao Needs to Bench Piatek

Leao has demonstrated in just three match days that he has more skill and control in one foot than Piatek can muster in a dozen games. The young Portuguese attacker has been a smooth operator working between the lines creating space and trying to support the misfiring Polish no.9 when he should’ve been leading the line. Leao goal was phenomenal but raises a dire question, why in the world is Piatek being started as a sole striker by Giampaolo if he has seen Leao’s ability? Why not a front two or why not Leao as the ST? The new signing will be pivotal to any Milan revival and looks to have a bright future, let’s hope he can deliver consistently.