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Is AC Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso being pressured by Antonio Conte?

Conte is currently jobless and Gattuso’s results aren’t convincing. Can this mean a mangerial change is coming soon?

Gennaro Gattuso has built a reputation on his playing career. Known for his aggressiveness, the defensive midfielder was a rock during his time at AC Milan. Now that his playing time has come to an end, he’s trying to prove himself as a top coach with the club he loves.

The 40-year-old took over the first team from Vincenzo Montella halfway into last season. His results and style of play was convincing and a revive was possible. Although Gattuso has lifted AC Milan up from the bottom last season, his rough start to the season has put questions into the mind of the board and fans.

Gattuso helped the team last season, though this season is proving to be very tough for the coach.

The goal that needs to be achieved this season is Champions League qualification. Milan are desperate to reach this target and if the coach isn’t able to do so, he would be sent home. Gattuso’s start to the season has shown that maybe he isn’t the right man for the job, though patience must be kept with the Italian.

He needs some time to fully implement his tactics on the squad. He is a good set of players, one of the best in Italy. All he needs is time to make the players understand what he really wants from them and how they can improve. The average age of the full squad is around 27 years old, while the average age of the main starting eleven is 25 years old.

Milan have a very young team. This team needs time to fully understand Gattuso’s tactics.

Young players need a lot of time to pick up experience and understand advanced tactics from the coach which is just natural. Although the job is difficult, Gattuso is being put under pressure, mostly by the fans.

It is understandable that the supporters want good results, the Milan players have a good relationship with the coach and do not blame him for the team’s recent fumbles.

After Milan’s 1-1 draw to Empoli, Suso gave an interview to Sky about the game. In this interview, he revealed that the coach isn’t the one to blame.

“Gattuso isn’t responsible though, these things are down to us. We need to be more attentive and concentrated, without being afraid.”-Suso.

Giampiero Ventura, although not too loved in Italy at the moment, stated that Milan should give Gattuso time to bring the team up. Even Gattuso has opened up about the rumors with Conte.

“I can’t think about Conte’s shadow. I am an employee of Milan and I have to do my job. If the results don’t come, then naturally the club has to take action.”-Gattuso

Many believe in Gattuso and think he needs time to excel.

Gattuso may need some time to help the team, but would the appointment of Antonio Conte be the right move for AC Milan?

The 49-year-old has a bigger reputation than Gattuso when it comes to being a manager. The former Chelsea boss has won one Premier League title, three Serie A titles, and more. He is already known to be a great manager and can help Milan climb up the table.

His style of play is slightly defensive, though it is very effective. During his time at Juventus, he had a 67.55 win percentage. He knows the league inside out and can become a great manager if appointed.

Conte is a well known manager and could lead AC Milan back up.

Now patience should be kept with Gattuso to see if the results will improve, but if they don’t, Conte can be still available. It is a tough decision for the Milan board that will need to be carefully chosen. Gattuso’s next test will be on Sunday against a strong Sassuolo side. This game will be vital for him and the team. 3 points are needed for the Rossoneri as they travel to fight for a win.