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Serie A Match Day #5: Top 3 Goals of the Week

Take a look at what goals we loved from across Serie A

The next installment of a weekly series that showcases the three best goals of the week (plus more if we can’t decide), as decided by yours truly. Or us truly. Us trulies? Ah, by the staff here.

Honorable Mention
Federico Di Francesco
3-1 Sassuolo (3-1 Victory over Empoli)

It’s week number FIVE, and we already have THREE backheel goals. And conversely, it was still the fourth or fifth best goal of the week. From a technical standpoint, this is mostly about the positioning of the goalscorer, midfielder Federico Di Francesco, who finds some open space that deep to the line between the central defender tandem of Domenico Maietta and Matias Silvestre, as well as the timing of the finish: a quick flash of the foot in tight and the ball is dragged across the face of goal and into the opposite corner leaving goalkeeper Pietro Terracciano only able to watch.

No. 3
Gonzalo Higuain
1-0 Milan (2-2 Draw with Atalanta)

What a tremendous display of skill by the Argentinian goalscorer. The play starts off rather innocuously at the feet of wingback Davide Calabria on the wide right flank, as he advances the ball to the Suso, who is stretching wider to the wing. The Spanish winger does as only he (and Arjen Robben) like to do: fake-as-if-this-time-they-might-use-their-right-foot-but-no-wait-actually-not-this-time-again and bend a left footed cross into the box to an onrushing Gonzalo Higuain, as he times his run to split the interior of the back three and whip a full-volley from the weak side as he is put under pressure by Atalanta defender Jose Palomino. Let’s not undersell this finish though - the ability to execute a finish like this, the ability to properly time a full volley as the ball is coming from your back side without letting it come across your body is exceptionally difficult, and it is something elite goalscorers do. Two weeks in a row with a beautiful goal by Pipita. This is something AC Milan fans can get used to.

No. 2
Rodrigo De Paul
1-0 Udinese (2-0 Victory over Chievo Verona)

This could’ve been two different goals of the week, if Kevin Lasagna managed to bury the opportunity he created for himself out of nothing. Bram Nuytinck sends a long, long ball up-field, where the aforementioned striker turns and sombreros Nenad Tomovic in the same motion, before turning and pulling ANOTHER sombrero over the head of Mattia Bani, only to see the ensuing shot parried by Stefano Sorrentino. However the rebound gets only as far as the top of the box and deflected to the Udinese midfield where three quick passes in succession sets up goalscorer Rodrigo De Paul with enough space to literally fire a cannon right through the outstretched hands of Sorrentino, from 30 yards out. Bombs away.

No. 1
2-0 Parma (2-0 Victory over Cagliari)

“Nicolo Barella. Charalambos Lykogiannis. Luca Cigarini. Filippo Romagna. Ragnar Klavan. Alessio Cragno.” Those names will be on the goal memorial, in remembrance of actual professional Serie A players that could not keep up with, slow down, or even foul Gervinho. What a goal, from the powerful and weaving 85 yard run, to skill required to split defenders, to the finish that kisses one post before sliding across the line. Just, what a goal.

Bonus: I don’t get a chance to be a snarky troll towards Inter and Juventus fans this week, so let’s enjoy a great goal by Federico Mattiello, giving Bologna not only their first lead of the season, but also their first goal of the season. On the flip side, poor Roma - how the mighty have fallen.

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