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OPINION: Should Milan’s Gianluigi Donnarumma be dropped for Pepe Reina?

Donnarumma hasn’t been great this season, and Pepe Reina is still at the top of his game

Gianluigi Donnarumma is considered one of the best youngsters in the world. He is a quality keeper that still has a lot of time to learn and improve. Even though he is highly rated, this doesn’t mean that he cannot be dropped.

Recently, Donnarumma, who is also the Italy national team keeper, has recently been suffering through some poor form. Many fans and pundits are losing confidence in the 19 year-old and feel that he should be relegated to the bench. Last season, a lot of patience was needed to let Donnarumma develop, but patience is running out with the fans and maybe even the coach.

Donnarumma has been inconsistent and could be dropped.

Pepe Reina is a very well known goalkeeper. He has played for many top clubs throughout his career and still has what it takes to be on top. The World Cup winner can very possibly take the number one position. Until now the Spanish keeper has only played one game for AC Milan.

Now 36 years old, Reina can still play at a top level and can be relied on. Only last season, the 2 time European Cup champion played excellently with Napoli and almost snatched the Scudetto away from Juventus. It could be a wise move from Gattuso to play the former Liverpool man ahead of Donnarumma if his form stays low.

The Italian international still needs some time to progress. He is still very young and needs more time to learn and gain experience to reach the top. Donnarumma is surely going to be a top goalkeeper in the future, but right now Milan need someone who can carry them to the top.

Reina is the most experienced and decorated player at AC Milan. He is known to guide the team and help them develop. He can bring more experience to the squad and more reliability. The former Bayern Munich goalkeeper should be given a chance to play some more league games, Gattuso should experiment him and pick in between the two.

Reina is still a top goalkeeper with lots of experience.

The Milan boss is known to be a huge admirer of Donnarumma, so it would be hard for him to sacrifice the keeper he adores. It might be necessary to pick experience over youth as the team fight for a Champions League spot that they want desperately.

Now the only thing that matters is reaching the goal and Gattuso needs to pick the right players to reach it. His job can be under scrutiny if the team do not perform properly, it’s up to him on who should be the number one.