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The Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast: Episode 10! Serie A Season Preview

Listen to Tim and Patrick discuss everything going on at AC Milan

Join Patrick and Tim as they preview the Serie A 2018-2019 season, including finishes for the top six, the Golden Boot, Player of the Season, and Manager of the Season! The guys also give their take (read: celebrate) the return of the legendary Paolo Maldini to AC Milan.

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1:01 - Bentornato Maldini

10:48 - Serie A season preview intro

11:25 - Juventus

14:13 - Inter Milan

21:27 - Napoli

29:18 - Tim’s take on Milan

33:10 - Pat’s take on Milan

36:55 - Holes in Milan’s roster

44:40 - Roma

48:41 - Lazio

51:51 - Golden Boot

53:45 - Higuain and Silva together?

1:01:00 - Calabria or Conti?

1:02:06 - Player of the season

1:02:33 - Manager of the season

1:04:25 - Relegation

1:11:50 - Who thinks Juve will not win Serie A?