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A quick look at Milan’s Europa League opponents

Here’s who Milan will be playing in the Group Stage of the competition

UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League - Q1 and Q2 Qualifying Round Draw Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

AC Milan found out their opponents in the group stages of the Europa League today.

Milan will face off against Real Betis, Olympiakos, and Dudelange.

Real Betis plays in La Liga, and had a good season last year that saw them place 6th in the table and qualify for the Europa League.

Olympiakos is one of the biggest clubs in Greece, and have been a regular in European competition for years.

Dudelange is the team that most Milan fans would not be familiar with. According to fellow SBNation blogger Gilles Hoffman, “They are the absolute dominant Luxembourgish club but that doesn’t really mean much. But they do have a very rich owner who has turned them into a somewhat professional team. They signed some very good players recently that have played in higher leagues.”

Are you excited for the draw? Looking forward to squaring off against one of the surprise teams from La Liga last year? Let us know in the comments.