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Will Gonzalo Higuain Excel At Milan?

Will Higuain continue to be the goalscorer he is known as? Things are changing for the striker.

Higuain’s arrival at AC Milan sparked excitement among all the Rossoneri’s supporters. The striker is known to be a huge goalscorer and a player that can make the difference when he is needed most. In every club he has played for, he was able to score goals and prove himself as a world-class player. AC Milan is different than the other clubs in many ways, can Higuain adapt to the different style of AC Milan?

Milan’s style of play is different than Higuain’s previous clubs.

The Argentinian scored 22 goals in all competitions last season, including a brace against Milan and Tottenham, a last minute winner against Inter, and a crucial goal against former club Napoli. He is one of the best goal-scorers in the world, but AC Milan might not fit his style of play.

At Juventus, the 30-year-old’s role in the squad was mostly a finisher, though he also tends to dribble and use his strength to keep opponents away from the ball. His strongest points of action is inside or just outside the box, when he is given space in these positions he is known to finish.

The finisher needs good suppliers around him.

Judging from his competitive debut against Napoli, it doesn’t seem that the style of play is suiting him. When Higuain receives the ball he’s usually met by numerous opposing defenders while he’s running just in-front of the halfway line. The striker likes to be given crosses that meet him inside the box, not to make runs from half field.

Gattuso admits that he wants to see his team feed Higuain, though this style of play doesn’t allow the world-class attacker to excel. If Suso and Calhanoglu are able to link up with the former Real Madrid man, then things can go really well for the whole team.

Roma is the next test to see if Higuain can adapt or crumble like many Milan strikers over the last few years.