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Cutrone To Reportedly Sign New Deal! How Bright Will His Future Be?

Cutrone is set to pen a new deal until 2023, how bright can his future be at AC Milan?

AC Milan v Manchester United - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Patrick Cutrone had an amazing season and emerged as an unexpected star throughout the season. With the arrival of Nikola Kalinic and Andre Silva last summer, fans expected these two to steal the field, not leaving any space for Cutrone. No one expected that the 20-year-old would be the one leaving his two former teammates in his shadow, outscoring them by a wide margin.

Cutrone scored 18 goals in all competitions last season, becoming the top scorer for AC Milan in the 2017/18 season. His good performances granted him a new contract as the club and fans saw something very special in the striker. His unique trait as a finisher dragged attention as his style of play was similar to Inzaghi’s. His goal scoring ability showed everyone that he can be relied on and can take the responsibility to score for the team when he is needed.

Cutrone surprised all Milan fans as he outscored all the strikers the club signed in 2017.

The Milan youth team graduate will pen a new deal with the club until 2023. He is likely to be offered a pay raise, though first team football might not be guaranteed for the attacker.

With childhood friend and teammate Manuel Locatelli gone, Cutrone needs to step up his game. It was a heartbreak for most Milan fans and players to see the midfielder leave the club after a total of around 11 years at the club. This should show Cutrone that no matter how long you were at the club, no matter how young or how highly rated you are, a departure is very possible if you do not perform at a top level.

Now with Locatelli gone, many fear Cutrone could be an upcoming departure.

Cutrone’s future at the club is likely to be bright, but there are other scenarios that can end the rise of such a promising prospect. Gonzalo Higuain could help the attacker and set him back at the same time. Cutrone can learn from such a distinguished striker and adapt to his ways. The Argentinian can be a guide for the youngster and set him on the right path. He can also be a set back for the Italian. Higuain will surely limit Cutrone’s game time and could possibly lead to his departure. Many fans would think that the management would give him time even if he’s on the bench behind Higuain, but what happened to Locatelli can hint that the club would do the same with another youth prodigy.

Higuain’s arrival will guide Cutrone but also limit his game time.

Cutrone’s future was surely more secure after the departures of Andre Silva and Nikola Kalinic, making him, Higuain, and Carlos Bacca (who is likely to leave) the only strikers in the squad.

Will his future be bright? Only time can tell as nothing is certain at the moment and crazy things are happening at AC Milan. If things do go well, Milan will have Cutrone in the squad for at least another 5 years.