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Rossoneri Round-up: Mirabelli possibly called Simeone Zaza a sandwich

Plus links for the day

Italy v Netherlands - International Friendly Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Did Massimiliano Mirabelli compare Simeone Zaza to a sandwich?

It certainly looks like he did.

When asked about a pending transfer for Simeone Zaza, Mirabelli said,

We’re not thinking about any signings when we don’t know what resources we have available,” Mirabelli explained to Sky.

It’s a little bit like when you’re hungry and you’re out of the house, you open your wallet and look inside before deciding whether to go for a sandwich or whether you can go to the restaurant for caviar and champagne.

We’ll know after we’ve made some sales.

Mirabelli said in May that he was in talks with a striker that would “bring the house down” but it seems that the UEFA FFP sanctions and a possible change of ownership means that those plans have disappeared. So now Mirabelli is talking about money in wallets and sandwiches when it comes to transfers. Great.

If Zaza does come to Milan, how about someone point out to him that he was called a sandwich by Mirabelli and maybe he’ll have a point to prove and score a lot of goals.

And honestly, wouldn’t almost every Milan fan be willing to trade Kalinic for a sandwich at this point?

On to the links.

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