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Hey Roma, you can’t have Suso. Go away.

Suso is linked with a move to Roma, but that’s not gonna happen

AC Milan v Manchester United - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

AC Milan winger Spanish winger Suso has recently been linked with a move to AS Roma, which is absurd as it sounds. Reports have surfaced all summer that Roma would be interested in landing a new winger, and before Roma got beaten to the punch by Barcelona to land Malcom, speculation was that Milan would be forced to sell Suso to comply with UEFA regulations.

However, after failing to land Malcom from Bordeaux, apparently Roma is rumored to be in for a different disappointment, this time trying to pry Suso from Milan. Suso had a €38 million release clause that expired on July 15th, and that release clause was only good for non-Serie A teams anyway.

It’s being reported that Roma are meeting with Suso’s agent to gauge interest, with no actual bid being levied, which is convenient because Suso’s not going anywhere.

Go away Roma. Suso’s not for sale.

It’s being reported that Milan is looking for at least €40 million for any deal for Suso, and honestly, even then Milan shouldn’t sell. Milan aren’t broke anymore, thanks to the new owners. Selling a high-profile player like Suso shouldn’t be part of the equation anymore, unless the player wants out like Bonucci reportedly does. A number of alternatives have been reported for Roma to consider, and they should probably invest some time scouting those players, rather than waste more time pursing Suso.

It seems like James Palotta, Roma’s president, finds plenty of time to talk about transfers that won’t happen, like their “joke” about Barcelona sending Lionel Messi to Roma as an apology for the Malcom transfer. As if Roma has never tried to recruit a player under contract at another team or ever tried to hijack a transfer of a player.

Milan will be gunning for the Champions League spots this season, with a good manager in Gennaro Gattuso in charge and a pretty decent squad that looks to be improved upon as the transfer window winds down. So why would Milan look to sell anyone, much less one of the team’s best players? Milan will also be playing in the Europa League this season, and while it’s not exactly the most lucrative competition in the world, it’s still a chance for a trophy.

So no, Roma, go bother another team. Hands off Suso.