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Milan install Leonardo as General Manager

Leonardo returns to Milan!

Audi Cup 2009 - Press Conference Photo by Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images for Audi

Leonardo - TV Pundit, Milan coach and Milan player. Now? Milan general manager. Reports have now been confirmed that the Brazilian will return to Milan for his fourth stint at the Rossoneri following Massimiliano Mirabell’is exit from the club yesterday afternoon.

The club stated that it was a professional return for Leonardo, will lead the team forward with plans to return to the Champions League down the road. Their statement is as follows:

“It’s a very emotional return for Milan fans, as well as a professional signing of great experience and international standing, who will strengthen the competitiveness of the team worldwide. Under new leadership after the recent change of ownership, the club’s primary objective is to return permanently to the elite of European football. The appointment of Leonardo as General Manager of the technical-sporting area marks a further step in that direction.”

All in all, it’s a new day and another new direction for Milan as they embark on life under the rule of Elliott Management.