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Bonucci silences fan concerns regarding his future with Milan

The captain also gives his World Cup prediction

AC Milan v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

“Milan fans are worried about my future? There’s no problem whatsoever. Let’s hope that the rumours that are circulating are resolved and silenced. We want to build something important, We are aiming for the Champions League,” Bonucci concluded.

Leonardo Bonucci is vacationing in Canada this week (why? lol), along with Giorgio Chiellini, attending the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. While there, Bonucci responded to rumors regarding his staying with Milan should UEFA disqualify the Rossoneri from competing in Europe next season.

I wish we all had Bonucci’s confidence. With the committee set to meet in the next week to decide Milan’s European fate, most fans are on pins and needles regarding the decision. Our transfer purse is undoubtedly on the line as well, as a European absence would mean a smaller war chest, potentially transforming us from buyers to sellers.

Add into the mix Yonghong Li’s financial instability and the potential of a new and mysterious silent partner, and UEFA will have as much confidence as I did in high school.

On a much brighter note, Leonardo also divulged his World Cup prediction.

Who will win the World Cup? I say that Argentina will win. What a shame to not be in Russia...