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Milan Legends Corner: A Rossoneri Approach For The Latin Cup in 1955

The following was written and can be found at - great site with wonderful daily historical Rossoneri contributions.

With their loss in 1953 final for the Latin Cup, the Rossoneri suffered a defeat by the French side, Stad de Reims. In 1955, they were yet again up for another battle and going for another chance at that final. But once again they were stopped and fell to the French side against Stade de Reims at the semi-finals. On the 22nd of June 1955 the French confirmed that they were once again the kryptonite of the Rossoneri, as they collected three goals. The difference this time was unlike the previous 3-0, defeat, it was a 3-2 score.

This result was a little more honorable, and if not for the third goal scored by the French in the third minute of the fourth additional (extra) time, after which the referee had decreed the end of the match. Hope had only been gained with a Rossoneri 2-2 tie at the end of the third additional time. The result of a goal by Bergamaschi, as he took a firing distant shot that hit the back of the French net.The final for third and fourth place was played four days later, as Milan faced Belenenses of Lusitania. The Rossoneri took third with a 3-1 victory as Milan’s offence brought double goals by Ricagni and one by Nordahl.