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Final: Fiery Milan wasted chances as clinical Juventus capitalize in 3-1 win

The scoreline was harsh as Milan were the better team for much of the match, lets recap.

5’ (Kickoff)

It’s been all Juve, all the time. The crowd has yet to miss an opportunity to boo Bonucci whenever he found a touch. Higuain tested Donnarumma early, but the young keeper with a nice save, diving to his left to deflect.


Juve have been threatening since the start of the match so it’s probably no surprise to see Dybala get on the score sheet. The ball took an awkward bounce in front net and Donnarumma couldn’t handle it.


Silva misses the best opportunity Milan has seen all day. Hakan with a wicket cross across the face of goal, that finds Andre Silva’s head at the backpost. Silve glances the ball wide... shouts for handball but there’s not much in it.


Milan fighting hard here and really causing fits in Juve’s back line. Unfortunately, the red and black are a hair away from being as clinical as they need to. Silva has another opportunity on a cross from Suso, but is found off sides. Can’t totally fault Silva, as he came to play. If he keeps giving himself these opportunities, he should capitalize eventually.


Juventus sending more bodies forward attempting to pressure Milan in their own half. Yet they do well to fight out of it. Take away the early goal and you’d have to say Milan has looked the more dangerous side.


After the constant jeering and booing - it had to be Bonucci to hurt Juventus! Milan has been pressuring constant and it was only a matter of time. 1-1 here at Turin! A wonderful cross finds the powering head of Bonucci who deafens the crowds cries.


Kessie is just neutralizing Pjanic with ease. We can put Milan’s domination of the midfield on Franck and his excellent play so far. Milan wasn’t finished moving forward and kept looking for crosses and early balls into the box. By far, the Rossoneri have been the better side today so far.


Terribly challenge on Suso who just made three Juve players look silly along the line. Benatia takes the yellow for his actions, frustration clearly sinking in. Rodriguez with a similar challenge and earning a yellow only seconds later. Tension is high in Turin, what a match for a neutral.

45’ (Halftime)

VAR scared Milan fans for a bit as calls for handball off a Juve corner terrified fans everywhere. Ref took a peak and saw there was nothing in it. Juve fans nervous as the stadium is quiet, tensions clearly rising. This match won’t stay 1-1 for long.

50’ (Second Half)

Milan are right back it. Tight passing, wonderful possession in the midfield, quick movement in the final third. We’ve spoken about how Kessie has manhandled Pjanic for most of the match, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the unsung work from Biglia snuffing out watchful passes.


Juventus seems to have found a renewed sense of urgency. Dybala stood over a dangerous free kick opportunity but Milan’s defenders stood strong and punched it out of play. Milan were quick to come back as there came a fury of exchanges on both sides of the pitch. Hakan had the most stinging chance as his effort from deep rocketed off the post. Buffon had NO chance to save that. Unlucky in the end.


Juventus has been more in keeping possession, with Pjanic the guiltiest party. Hakan wasn’t done trying from distance as he sent an awkward drive but this time Buffon can scoop it up easily. Juventus will have to be more aware of Hakan’s striking ability moving forward, which should open up some space for Andre Silva.


Counter after counter from both sides and honestly, I’m shocked we’re still at 1-1. We also saw the entry of Nikola Kalinic for Andre Silva, who has worked hard for Gattuso up front. Tactically, it makes sense for a veteran striker to play off this Juventus line, especially in the final 30. We’re creating a lot of chances here, let’s see if we can capitalize.


Of course, my BeIN Sports feed dies and I’m forced to use alternative methods to watch. Bonaventura with a real chance to put Milan ahead but the ball sails over the net.


Pjanic with an Oscar award on that dive outside the box, but the ref buys it and we have a lethal free kick position conceded. Luckily, Pjanic’s offensive woes would continue and he over-hits the ball and Milan fans globally exhale a sigh of relief. Higuain with a chance in front of net right before the 75th minute but Donnarumma swatted it aside. Wouldn’t have counted anyway, as the Juve striker was offside.


Much to everyone’s horror, Montolivo steps onto the pitch.

Hakan would lose the ball on a counter attack and Juan Cuadrado would show up to the match.


The sad part of all this business is you could argue Milan have been the better side for most of the match. However, Milan did not capitalize on their bounty of chances and, in the end, it would be the veterans of Juventus who would make sure they didn’t flub theirs. The goal from Cuadrado seems to have deflated this Milan side completely as they are now chasing the game.


Milan are digging deep here for something, anything, that can help equalize and salvage something for their efforts. Suso has yet to give up, driving forward with authority, crossing with superb skill into the box, hoping for someone to find the end of it.

Unfortunately, Sami Khedira would remember how to play football, and a beautiful Dybala pass found Khedira unmarked in the box. Almost effortlessly, Sami puts the match out of reach. 3-1 Juventus.

Final Thoughts

The scoreline doesn’t properly reflect the shift Milan put in today. For much of the match, the Rossoneri were the far better side. However, experience and veteran presence would see out the day as Juventus capitalized on their much fewer chances, whereas Milan will be left guessing, “if only...”. Tough pill to swallow for the Rossoneri. How this will impact the squad moving forward is anyone’s guess, but Rino has done well to reign in the emotions game to game, so I expect we’ll keep our heads high. Nothing to be ashamed about in this performance. Our man of the match, while close, ends up going to Franck Kessie.