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Get ready American Rossoneri! Milan to face Tottenham in Minneapolis

The two clubs will face off in the International Champions Cup in July

AFC Bournemouth v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Local Minneapolis newspapers have confirmed that US Bank Stadium, which of course is the home of the Minnesota Vikings and hosted this past Super Bowl, will be the site of a friendly between Tottenham and Milan.

This is only the first of three potential matches for AC Milan, as most teams that take part in Charlie Stillitano’s ICC, or International Champions Cup, play in three cities across the United States, or in another designated country where organizations such as Charlie’s Relevant Sports work to spread the footballing gospel.

I had the pleasure of seeing Tottenham Hotspur last year play against Roma at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey in front of a sold out crowd. For people who believe soccer isn’t popular among Americans, I urge you to attend one of these matches if you are within travel distance.

No specific date is announced yet but given the timeline of the World Cup, and the schedule normally slated for the ICC, it’s safe to assume late July is the target. We also don’t know who else the Rossoneri might be facing, however, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, and many other popular teams across the globe have taken part yearly.