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Hey, Mino Raiola? Shut up....

An open letter to Gianluigi Donnarumma’s agent

SS Lazio v AC Milan - TIM Cup Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

My dear Mino,

Stop talking. Like, altogether. We get it, really we do. You stand to make a ton of money off of any potential transfer fee. I remember where I was the morning I heard you received €25m of the €105m record transfer fee for Paul Pogba’s move to Manchester United. I nearly dropped my bagel. Then another €20m when Romelu Lukaku joined. It’s a great scam system you have going on, and I don’t want to see it ruined, so I’ll offer some free advice.

Try to not be so transparent.

Yes, Gianluigi Donnarumma was just named the top U20 footballer across Europe. I can almost picture you sitting in your mansion in Monaco, sipping on your espresso, silk robes gently hanging from your crossed legs as you flip through today’s footballing headlines, licking your chops at the prospect of selling Milan’s prized prospect to Manchester United. So what do you do? You start making the waves now, knowing we’re only months away from a surefire blockbuster summer. Several top clubs across Europe from Arsenal, to Manchester United, to Barcelona could be looking for a keeper. A flippant comment here, a strategic whisper there. You have a system to create chaos around your client, so the only thing that really makes sense is an escape.

The problem is at this point, you’re being way too obvious about it. It must have killed you when Donnarumma decided to stay at San Siro last summer. Another unearned paycheck down the drain!

I’m also keenly aware you must be reeling from the recent loss of Romelu Lukaku to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports. Then again, you already got the most out of him. You cashed in on his career defining deal, so it’s probably not a huge loss for you at this point. But Gianluigi? He’s just young enough where you might get 2-3 paydays out of the 18 year old.

Maybe just this one time, you do what’s best for the player. A difficult concept, sure, but consider this. What if he’s not ready? He’s still just a boy who was forced to grow up very quickly. After all, he made his Serie A debut at 16, and how many kids can brag about that? Perhaps he’s just not ready and it might hurt his career to pick up and move to England, or even Spain.

So stop representing yourself and your payday, and start representing your client. Making ridiculous and asinine comments to the media regarding what YOU would do if you were Gianluigi doesn’t do anything to help him, but only fill his head with nonsense.


The Rossoneri

PS - nobody likes you.

“Gigio has made a choice to remain at AC Milan and I respect this,” he told Rai Sport. “If it were me, however, I would leave immediately because there are important requests out there for his services. If I were Gigio I would move away from Milan.”