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Tactical suggestions for AC Milan against Arsenal

Here’s some suggestions on how to get a famous result in London

Spal v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

AC Milan had a bad game against Arsenal but tried succesfully what they prepared in trainings. In the first game of the fourth round of Europa League, rossoneri struggled in passing accuracy and wasted good chances to score. Now, losing 2 - 0 they need an exploit and maybe even some changes.

Give Suso some room

Suso is obviously the most important player at AC Milan. He has the skills to always create an advantage for the team dribbling the defender or finding the key passes. Also, the spanish player is the forward with the highest usage for the rossoneri, achieving a stunning 612 minutes in the last seven matches. It’s easy to understand how he tries to manage himself during the entirety of the game, in order to be punchy in the clutch time and being fresher in pressing situations. What he actually does is to avoid contact and try not to defend the ball when he’s not in the vicinity of the box.

Arsene Wenger avoided every Suso involvement, pressing him even when he was trying to work as a second playmaker, deep in the midfielders line. That’s why Milan has to change their habits. What they actually need, would be a big boy such as Nikola Kalinic who should allow the rossoneri to skip the midfield with a long ball and find Suso higher on the pitch. If Suso can play close to the box, watching the goal and attack the defenders, he can create enough to give chances to Milan. Kalinic isn’t in the best shape and even if he can perfectly fit in a “falso nueve” role, he’s also having a bad time scoring. That’s why Milan should even try a different lineup.

Changing line-up

Thinking about a big change after so many positive results would be insane, but with the necessity of scoring at least two goals, the team needs to lose some balance in order to increase their offensive ability. Changing line-up is strictly connected to give enough room to Suso because moving from the classic 4-3-3 to a 4-2-2-2 would be a good compromise for this kind of game.

  • Two forwards: Cutrone fits perfectly in the offensive schemes and has a killer instinct for those signature crosses on the near post by Suso and Çalhanoğlu. Andrè Silva needs a chance after the thrilling goal against Genoa and having two great players with skills heading the ball would keep Arsenal defenders busy.
  • Two low midfielders: Milan needs to skip the primary playmaking cause Biglia showed to struggle under Ozil’s pressure. The Argentinian player also had a great time on the defensive phase and that’s why, next to Frank Kessie, they can be a good filter for the fast Arsenal breaks.
  • Bonaventura out: Jack has been pretty steady and one of the best players for the rossoneri in the last two seasons, but he’s now having a hard time cause of a bad passing accuracy. Against Arsenal, he only had a 75% passing success rate and only a 73.2% rate against AS Roma. He missed many key passes, even the most important ones on the counter. That’s why he needs some rest, to recharge his batteries and being in a good shape for the next few games.
  • Push on the wings: the red arrow in the picture is pointing outside of the screen where Calabria was allowing Suso to attack in complete freedom. Against Genoa, in the last 15 minutes, Suso and Calabria pulled up 9 crosses, giving Andrè Silva the chance to score after 94 minutes. Milan needs a 2 vs 2 on the wings and Ricardo Rodriguez on the other side doesn’t do it enough.

Will this be enough to turn the tide? Let us know in the comments!