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Gennaro Gattuso: “Before the red card we were masters of the pitch”

Don’t be so quick to praise, it’s a long road ahead.

Udinese Calcio v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

There few who would argue the change in mentality inside the locker room since Gennaro Gattuso took the helm. AC Milan’s manager has brought a refreshing ‘tough love’ type of attitude and it’s seems to have taken hold of his players, and the fans.

That doesn’t mean you should compliment the Rossoneri, according to Gattuso anyway.

And in a way, he’s right. Gattuso called Udinese a missed opportunity to really move up in the standings, which it was. Coming off of an incredible January, many fans, and it seems Gennaro as well, were expecting three points walking into Udinese. We spoke about in our match preview how tough Udinese can be at home, but we also predicted a win. That’s certainly a testament to the manager and how he’s changed the atmosphere around San Siro.

Gattuso is building a foundation for success, but it doesn’t mean they should be receiving accolades just yet. They are still far off from Europe next year and will need to keep pushing if they hope to pass Atalanta and Sampdoria in the coming weeks, eventually targeting Roma.

Speaking to MilanTV:

“I get angry when hear compliments for us, just look at the table”.

“We missed the knockout blow,”

“Before the red card we were masters of the pitch, we did things the way we had to, with great desire and personality.

“After the 1-1 we pushed up well but we didn’t do anything good with the two or three chances we had. We need to keep on this path and never give up a centimetre.

“SPAL? We can’t afford to underestimate anyone. I get angry when hear compliments for us, just look at the table”.

“For the shirt we wear and the quality of the squad we need to look at the table, we can do more.

“We need to put compliments to one side, continuing to work with determination and a sense of belonging.”