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Franck Késsié: I want to score 10 goals and win like Gattuso

One of the season’s brightest shares his thoughts on performance and goals

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AC Milan v SS Lazio - TIM Cup Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

When you think of Franck Kessie, you can’t help but admire two things: work ethic and desire. Since joining the Rossoneri in the summer, he’s been running around for 90 minutes only as a madman in search of glory would. In fact, I’m pretty sure he never stops running. Even now, in this very moment, Franck Kessie is running somewhere.

So it is no surprise to see the young Ivorian wrack up over 2,750 minutes on the pitch. He has become an integral part of the system, and a crucial cog in the machination of AC Milan’s midfield. However, the blueprint to his success wasn’t drawn overnight, and there is still plenty of room for improvement, as Kessie will admit. But it is that special relationship with Gennaro Gattuso that will launch him to the next level.

Franck Kessie of Ac Milan  in action during the Tim Cup... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

The interview below is courtesy of AC MIlan’s homepage and can be found here:

On being the most used player in the league:

”I’m a bit tired, but not too much, I still feel good and have a lot more to give. I missed two games, but they weren’t important. I used the opportunity to rest. If those were important games I’d be a bit angry.”

On the two goals against Cagliari:

”I was very happy, I didn’t score for many months. The goals arrived at the right moment and now I have to continue like this. I want to score 10 goals, that might seem like too much, but with good work I can achieve it.”

On Kalinic (he assisted both goals):

”I get along very well with Nikola, just like with the rest of the team.”

On his physical condition throughout the season:

”I started good, but then fell off a bit. That’s normal though, now I have to continue to improve my condition.”

On the next away games:

”I only think about Udinese right now. They are a good team and are close to us in the standings, we need to win to keep them distant.”

Serie A or Europa League, what are you focusing on?:

”We don’t have a specific goal, we still play in three competitions; League, Coppa Italia and Europa League.”

On Gattuso’s advice:

”He helps me a lot. He always tells me to works more and before the games he gives me some advice. But he doesn’t like it when I walk on the pitch in training. When Gattuso says that I’m better than him I don’t really think it’s true. He was a big champion that has won it all, I on the other hand have won nothing and am still young. I still need to work a lot, Gattuso was way better than me.”

Here are some highlights put to the backdrop of some potentially awful music. What are your thoughts on the young lad?