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Milan Legends Corner: The 1908 Milan breakup and a landslide of goal scoring

The following was written and can be found at - great site with wonderful daily historical Rossoneri contributions.

First Landslide of Goals for The Rossoneri!

It’s October 15, 1905, and AC Milan is on a goal scoring streak. It is their first goal striking landslide victory in its history. The friendly against Casteggio, paved the way of preseason goals, eight of which bear the signature of the prolific striker Alessandro Trerè I, who would play with Milan at an early age of twenty years. Coincidentally, this is the first of a long list of legends from Milan’s history who had his name mentioned repeatedly among fans, much like the later “Colombo” or “Maldini.”

In addition to Alessandro (who later moved to Busto Arsizio and then to Verona) his brother Attilio came to play, however, as a defender and he is known as Trerè II. Trerè II is later nicknamed “Kaiser” because of his similar-looking mustache as that of Emperor Guglielmo I of Germany at the time. As for Trerè I, he remained with Milan for a single year, however in terms of goals his record does not go unnoticed, since he managed to get the ball to the back of his opponent’s goal posts seven times in eleven games.

1908 Inter Milan Created (Splits) from AC Milan

The second-hand ticked at the Milan restaurant L’Orologio di Milano. Forty-four diners were seated around a long table on March 9, 1908, perhaps some smiling, but certainly some with tension building on their faces. They were the mavericks of the Milan Football and Cricket Club and were there to create a rival company in the city of Milano. They had a different idea of what football should be compared to that of current the Rossoneri’s leadership. They felt it was time for them to start the Inter Milan club. This gave a definite blow to Milan with many side-effects, amplified by the team’s exclusion from the championships after the splitting of teams, Italians on one side and Federal on the other.

Inter Milan 1910

This wonderful night bestows us with the colours of our crest: black and azure against a gilded backdrop of stars. It shall be called International, because we are brothers of the world.

The forty-four members at the table complained that AC Milan did not have an official or sufficiently strong position to defend the presence of foreigners in the teams concerned, a highly reminiscent occurrence of what was decided by the FIGC in the eighties. Even if only for a few years, with the closure of the championship games to foreigners, it gave way to disagreements with Giannino Camperio, one of the most prominent and influencial members of AC Milan, who apparently did not have a very likable character.