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Looking back: Our top ten AC Milan kits made by Adidas

As the Adidas chapter closes, we get a bit nostalgic

AC Milan v Piacenza Christian Ziege of AC Milan

Disclaimer: The rankings here are just the humble opinions of one staffer, and not the entire Milan Offside community. I’m sure many of them would vehemently disagree with some of my choices (particularly number six). Let me know your thoughts by commenting!

Number Ten

2014-2015 Away Kit

To kick off our list, I present the 2014/2015 away kit. The badge was a bit point of contention at the time with people either loving or hating it. Personally, I thought it was cool. That same year brought us the Milanese flag on the kit, as well as our more traditional crest. The gold trim mixed with red and black, along with the soft gray horizontal stripes made for a really nice looking shirt.

Number Nine

2009-2010 Away Kit

I see this and think David Beckham and Champions League. Such a clean and classy look, while maintaining all the distinguishing markings you’d expect. Here we see a shift of the red and black stripes from the front of the kit, to the shoulder and arms.

Number Eight

1998-1999 Home Kit

An absolute classic. The large stripes, moving up and down the body, with a tighter fit, left for a sleek and classic look. On a personal note, this was the first football kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Take away the badge and it still screams AC Milan.

Number Seven

2002-2003 Away Kit

If I remember, at the time, this wasn’t a popular kit. Many folks did not care for the side breathers, but I always felt it was a nice touch that complimented the normally solid white away kit.

Number Six

2017-2018 Third Kit

A wildcard pick, sure, but I love the direction they were taking. The third kit usually allows kit makers some artistic freedom, and this year’s third is no different. The way the stripes were incorporated into the graphic on the chest, as well as the solid red lines on the shoulders - just seemed to flow. Fun fact, I bought this kit.

Number Five

2015-2016 Away Kit

Perhaps this look wouldn’t wow anyone today, but it’s one of the first forays into modernizing the away kit. The year prior (2014) saw the circular Milan crest that did not go over too well with fans, but the horizontal stripes carried over into the midsection. They also moved the gray stripes from lining the entire body, into three stripes along the shoulder.

Number Four

1999-2000 Home Kit

Paying homage to the past with the Milan flag and thin stripes. Classic Opel sponsor and coach Alberto Zaccheroni. The absurd collars keep it out of the top three for me, even in 2000, this wasn’t a good look.

Number Three

2011-2012 Away Kit

I’m not sure exactly what it is about this away kit that just grabs me. The two solid red and black lines running through the crest over the heart, finding it’s way throughout the entirety of the midsection. The additional stripes running down the shoulders, with the red trim around the neck and sleeve. By far, my favorite Adidas away kit. If only I could wear white...

Number Two

2006-2007 Home Kit

I mean, the gold trim? The red and black? The letters and numbers just pop out at you making this an iconic kit. It was a tight race between number two and the eventual winner...

Number One

2011-2012 Home Kit

A classic look with a touch of modern and a lot of elegance. Juventus might have had the undefeated year, but we had the better kit by far. The away kit that year makes this list as well. Great year for the Rossoneri!

What was your favorite Adidas kit donned by the Rossoneri?