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What can the Rossoneri expect with their new lucrative Puma deal?

A rebrand might be a marketing miracle

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Two decades of Adidas has finally come to a close for AC Milan. The kits themselves a symbol of iconic days long gone, a distant memory to the fan, and to footballing culture around the globe.

Feels like only yesterday Alessandro Nesta walked out with the latest kit, sporting “BWIN” on the torso and “Adidas” on the heart.

Lately, many fans and critics have been questioning whether the Rossoneri are really looking forward, and not harping on days of old. Perhaps this partnership with Puma will be the catalyst that can usher in a new era of fortune? A new and inspiring symbol both fans and organization can rally behind?

Or they’ll just switch the Adidas crest with a cat...

The deal is said to be worth €12 million a year, roughly €8 million less than Adidas, however there is thought to be plenty of incentive bonuses that makes the contract much more lucrative. Given the financial pickle the club currently finds itself in, one can only hope that’s true.

The announcement listed a bevy of names already united under the Puma crest, including Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund on the club level, and Italy and Switzerland among the popular national teams.

Outside of Dortmund, I’ve always personally found the Puma kits to be a bit uninspired. Particularly Arsenal. Maybe it’s my personal Tottenham Hotspur fanship speaking but Arsenal kits always look bland to me. I know the clubs have a lot of say as to what they should look like, unless you’re with Nike, so I’m sure the board will have a voice.


On the other hand, Dortmund has always been impressive. They moved from Kappa, and before that Nike, to Puma in 2013. It’s been a revelation for their marketing and global branding. They have even graced the cover of FIFA17 with Marco Reus.

Of course the announcement didn’t just create buzz when it comes to the club’s financials or nostalgia over the old Adidas kits, it also sparked the creativity of many on social media. Many aspiring and professional kit designers took their talents to Twitter to showcase what AC Milan might be rolling out come July. My favorite concept comes from EZ Design, who took this to a whole new level.

Some people have shared these images as actual kits going into next season, but it’s merely speculation made by a fan. As awesome as they look, and they do, I doubt AC Milan will stray that far away from their traditional look. Though, it did do wonders for Dortmund’s image, if not its brand of football.

AC Milan released the following statement earlier today:

Bjørn Gulden, Chief Executive Officer of PUMA said: “We are very proud to be partnering with AC Milan. They are one of the most successful clubs in the Football history with a large, global fan base and the team and their fans show the true spirit of football. If you ask me, the Rossoneri jersey is one of the most iconic jerseys in football. We are looking forward to the next chapter of this legendary football club being with PUMA”.

Marco Fassone, our CEO also commented on the new partnership: “I am very pleased to announce our partnership with PUMA, to whom we are bound by mutual esteem and by our common passion for sports and football values. They represent a major international brand and we will be proceeding together in the next few football seasons in our strategic pathway striving to reach new and extraordinary goals off and on the pitch”.

It was then Lorenzo Giorgetti, our Chief Commercial Officer to speak: “We are very proud of the agreement signed with PUMA and look forward to starting this new adventure together. PUMA’s mission, quite clearly expressed in the brand positioning with the claim “FOREVER FASTER”, perfectly combines with the ambitions of our Club on the pitch and in the commercial development, where PUMA will accompany us as an ideal partner to face the forthcoming challenging football seasons”.