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Milan Legends Corner: The Birth of AC Milan – 16th of December 1899

We are proud to announce our partnership with the wonderful folks over at Every Monday, we will spotlight one of their articles on our site, so our more casual or newer fans can develop an appreciation for the history and culture of the Rossoneri. Our first spotlight, takes us all the way back to 1899, the birth of AC Milan.

It was precisely nine days before the Christmas of 1899, the Milan Cricket and Football Club was born. From a group of impassioned Italian and British football (Soccer to Americans) fans, came together to meet at the Hotel du Nord as they were summoned by Herbert Kilpin. Kilpin, a British Nottingham-born gentleman on a business trip in Italy, was on his way to introducing football to the rest of the country. Football had already been a much established sport in the UK.

In 1891 Kilpin arrived in Torino but thereafter transferred to Milano where he found the right setting and environment for his project: to found a football team. Not yet knowing if it would be a winning team, his thoughts and ideas on what the team uniform would look like was very clear: they would be red and black. The reason for this, explained Kilpin was simple, it would be a team of devils and the color red would represent fire and black would represent fear that would be instilled in their opponents.

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