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A Higuain-Morata swap is an option as Chelsea chase after AC Milan striker

Chelsea are chasing after Gonzalo Higuain. A Higuain-Morata swap could be suggested.

Gonzalo Higuain has been in poor form lately, not scoring a single goal in 9 games. The player himself is frustrated and eager to get back on the score sheet, though the Milan management are considering offloading the player. Higuain is currently on loan with a €36 million option to buy. At the start of the season, his purchase seemed necessary, now AC Milan are considering sending him back to Juventus. Chelsea have taken notice of the situation and could try to land Higuain next summer.

AC Milan still haven’t found the striker that they are looking for. Over the last few years, many attackers came and went but none of them was the scoring machine the club asked for. Gonzalo Higuain seemed to be the resolution to the striker problem, though he is having difficulties of his own. Milan sporting director Leonardo is evaluating the situation, making a decision whether purchasing the Argentine is worth it or not. He is considering buying a new striker with the €36 million instead of investing in Higuain. Chelsea have reportedly given the management a new alternative, a direct swap between Gonzalo Higuain and Alvaro Morata.

Higuain had a good start to the season, though he is currently facing difficulties.

Alvaro Morata is a promising prospect, though he isn’t having a good time in England. Last season was terrible for the Spaniard, 11 goals were scored in 31 Premier League appearances. While he was still in Real Madrid, he reportedly agreed personal terms to join AC Milan, though later talks broke down. Now, he is looking to return to Italy and to possibly sign with the Rossoneri, though might not be the striker Milan are looking for.

During his time with Juventus, he scored 27 goals in 93 appearances. Although he can still improve under the guidance of Gennaro Gattuso, Morata was never really a goalscoring machine. Chelsea are looking to offload him for Higuain because the Milan striker has already proven himself on a high level. Morata has failed to make a huge impact in any of the clubs he played in which proves he might not be the correct one. Maurizio Sarri is a fan of Higuain, he is keen on landing the striker and to get rid of flop Morata.

Alvaro Morata flopped during his time at Chelsea.

Gonzalo Higuain is by far the better striker when compared to Alvaro Morata. Time should be given to the 31-year-old to properly adapt to his new club. There is a huge margin between Juventus and AC Milan, taking a step from the 7-time reigning champions onto a team that haven’t won the league for 7 years isn’t easy. There are new tactics and new players around him, patience needs to be kept with him. The wise option would be to wait until the end of the season before making a decision whether Higuain is worth it or not.