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Milan’s Scaroni confirms that the club will try to build a new stadium with Inter Milan

Scaroni was talking to the Milan youth when he confirmed that the club is looking to build a new stadium instead of refurbishing the San Siro

AC Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Well, if you believe Paolo Scaroni, it looks like AC Milan and their eternal rivals, Inter Milan, will still be sharing a stadium in the future. However, the stadium that the two clubs will be using may not be the San Siro.

Sacroni told the Milan youth players that the club intends on building a new stadium, apparently instead of refurbishing the San Siro, and that the club intends on to continue to ground share with Inter.

He told the youth, in regards to his role at the club, that:

The president represents the shareholders, who have invested the money. For example, I take care of the new stadium of AC Milan. We plan to do it together with Inter. I reserve the role of helping Gazidis to settle in, to see this group of young people makes him very happy.

While it might make sense from a financial standpoint to continue sharing a stadium upkeep, and initial cost, with Inter, it might come as a bit of a disappointment to some fans that wanted the club to strike out on their own.

It will also disappoint fans that wanted Milan to simply refurbish the existing stadium. The San Siro is one of the hallowed cathedrals of world football. The sheer number of historic players and moments that have been played in that hallowed ground should make it untouchable, but here we are in the world of corporate football, where a new stadium with fancy new luxury boxes and revenue streams would be a dream influx of income for owners of both clubs and also a way for both clubs to increase their own value off the pitch.

Any deal is a long way off, but it’s still extremely concerning to hear a club official talk about ditching the San Siro for a new stadium. It would be a shame for both clubs to sacrifice history at the altar of increasing shareholder value.