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Milan could abandon the San Siro with Inter as Ivan Gazidis is pushing for a move

AC Milan and rivals Inter are considering leaving the San Siro, though the Rossoneri are keen on moving out.

The San Siro is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world. The home of both AC Milan and Inter Milan has hosted huge footballing events, memories live in the stadium. Since it was built in 1926, 92 years ago, the stadium has been an icon for not only the city of Milan, but for the whole world. Even after nearly a century in the stadium, Milan are considering leaving and building a stadium of their own.

New Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis is reportedly pushing for an exit from the San Siro. He wants to build a new and modernized stadium. Although talks of a renovation has begun, Gazidis is convinced on leaving. This renovation of the stadium is basically cutting the capacity from 80,000 to 40,000 and making the stadium more modern. The Milan management believe that making a stadium from scratch is a better option.

San Siro
AC Milan could renovate the San Siro or move out.
Daniel Chesterton /Insidefoto

Ivan Gazidis is looking to do a collaboration with Inter on building a new stadium. Either a new ground will be found where a modern structure will be built, or the San Siro will be demolished. The reason the former Arsenal CEO is willing to collaborate with Inter is for financial help. The idea of making a new stadium has its advantages and disadvantages, though most fans will find it difficult to leave the San Siro after all the history made in the stadium. Inter are considering the idea, though they aren’t to keen on it while Milan are ready to make a decision on the topic.

If Milan are to leave the San Siro by themselves, without their city rivals, things can turn out to be successful though there are negative factors. Milan’s new stadium can have AC Milan branding, seats, sponsors, and anything the Rossoneri want as the stadium is theirs. In the San Siro, AC Milan cannot make seats with the club logo on it, or customize the stadium on a permanent basis. The club could have their own designs and areas in the new stadium, as they will have the freedom to do whatever they like. A new, modern stadium would be very nice, though some things can annoy the fans.

Many Milan fans are emotionally connected to the San Siro.

Imagine walking past the San Siro which Milan have moved out of and seeing many changes taking place in the stadium. Imagine witnessing the metal structure on the top going from red to blue, the seats on the inside with Inter branding, the whole stadium will be known as the home of Inter Milan. This factor can hurt many Milan fans as the stadium that they loved has fallen to their most hated rivals.

The management still haven’t made an agreement on the future of the stadium. The San Siro is owned by the Milan City Council, so their approval will be needed to make renovations. The opinions of Milan fans are mixed when it comes to this project, though the majority are sticking with the current stadium. Nothing is known yet, but sooner or later AC Milan could have their very own stadium, at the consequences of leaving the icon of the city of Milan.