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Lucas Biglia set to miss four months after successful surgery

Argentine had calf problem after training ground injury

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AC Milan v UC Sampdoria - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

AC Milan have confirmed that Lucas Biglia is set to miss time after undergoing surgery, but it will be much longer than the initial report of two months.

Per the club’s official website:

The injury, suffered by Lucas Biglia last Wednesday during the morning training session, involved the lesion of the myotendinous junction (MTJ) of the medial segment of the right calf that required surgery. The operation, carried out today in Finland by Professor Sakari Orava in the presence of the Team’s doctor, Stefano Mazzoni, was successful. Full healing will take four months.

Lucas Biglia has been a key part of the club this season, but he’s had a fairly spotty injury history over the past few years as he’s starting to get older. It’s not a surprise, by the way, that he’s getting more injuries, as a player’s body usually starts to betray them even as their experience starts to give them more of an edge in the mental part of the game.

It was not surprising to see that Biglia’s original diagnosis of two months out turn into four months, the only question is now if he will actually be back in four months. A quick Google search indicates that recovery time for this kind of surgery is usually expected to be six, not four, months, but then again, Biglia is a professional athlete with some of the best care available to him.

Either way, Milan need to look for a replacement for Biglia in the January transfer window, as best case scenario has him returning in February, and unless the club want to put Riccardo Montolivo back into the lineup, they’re gonna need some new midfielders. Flamengo’s Lucas Paqueta is already set to join up in January and Milan has been consistently linked with Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, but until someone else signs, expect rumors to reach a fever pitch.