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The Devil Wears Rossonero Podcast Episode 13: Wenger In (?), Zlatan Ibrahimovic, & Super League

Pat and Tim talk about the Wenger rumors, Zlatan, and the European Super League

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Tim and Pat are back with the latest AC Milan news and analysis! Hear the guys talk about the rumors swirling around manager Rino Gattuso and his future with the club, and the potential arrival of... Arsene Wenger?? Plus, could Zlatan Ibrahimovic make his return to Milan, and is Milan part of a plan for a European Super League?

1:30 - Gattuso IN or OUT?

4:30 - Arsene Wenger to Milan?

9:55 - Milan’s recent form

16:15 - Firing a coach mid-season

21:50 - Milan’s Coaching Carousel

23:20 - WENGER OUT

26:30 - Coaching Upgrades

29:25 - Available Managers

34:30 - Milan’s Stability

41:30 - Zlatan’s Return?

50:00 - Striker Options


1:00:05 - Super League

1:11:00 - Who goes into Super League?

1:13:00 - Super League replaces Champions League?

1:14:40 - You can’t leave out Inter

1:22:40 - Milan not missing Super League boat