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Biglia out with an injury, resulting in a possible return for AC Milan veteran Montolivo.

Biglia’s injury leaves Milan a little thin at central midfield

Many AC Milan fans could be disappointed with the news that has been confirmed. Lucas Biglia is out for one month, he will miss the game against Juventus. This injury caused him to skip Milan’s 2-1 victory over Genoa. The defensive midfielder is a key player in Gattuso’s squad, his absence will be a huge blow to AC Milan.

This injury could mean that Riccardo Montolivo can possibly get his call up. Milan fans have mixed opinions about the veteran. Some believe he is better off gone, others think that he should be called up and that Gattuso is being harsh on the 33-year-old. The former AC Milan captain should get a call up, many midfielders in the squad are having fitness problems.

Montolivo is expected to leave at the end of the season on a free. This does not mean that he cannot be used in the squad. Gattuso claims that keeping the midfielder at home is a technical decision, though this might not be the case. During the summer, it was reported that the former Fiorentina man was no longer in the club’s plans. It was later reported that Montolivo and Gattuso are having fall outs and disputes. It went so far, resulting in the former Atalanta man to be playing with the youth team during practice games.

Montolivo has been frozen out of the club.

AC Milan has made it clear that they no longer want Montolivo at the club, though they should not be stubborn by not calling him up. He did not play a single second this season, even being dropped behind Jose Mauri. Last season, the player was adored by Vincenzo Montella, he was also a useful player when Gattuso took charge. The Italian Super Cup winner made a total of 26 appearances in Milan’s 2017/18 campaign.

Montolivo is known to be a consistent player. Picking him over Mauri, Bertolacci, or Bakayoko might be a reasonable choice. Multiple reports claim that if necessary, Gattuso might need to call him to the team’s aid. It has been a while since he was seen playing, but the next games can be a good test to see if he still has what it takes.