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Can the 4-4-2 be the perfect formation for Cutrone and Higuain?

Last match, the 4-4-2 formation seemed to fit perfectly for both Milan strikers.

Last Sunday, Gattuso tried shifting the formation to a 4-4-2. The 4-3-3 formation used in previous matches wasn’t going too well, the style of play was very plain and uncreative. Cutrone and Higuain were in top form, the Milan coach wanted to reward both of them at the same time. The formation was tried against Sampdoria, the attack was wonderful. Why hadn’t Gattuso thought of it sooner?

The last time AC Milan used a 4-4-2 was catastrophic. It was a match most fans would like to forget. Last season, when Cutrone and now Sevilla striker Andre Silva were in top form Gattuso decided to give the formation a try against a ‘weak’ team. That was the night Benevento got their first ever Serie A win outside their home. From that day on, Gattuso didn’t want to risk another humiliation.

Now that it was given another try, it proved to be a successful formation. Everyone was playing at their best and they were creative. Patrick Cutrone and Gonzalo Higuain showed that they can play amazingly together. Suso and Laxalt created many chances and were both very quick in the attack. Milan should stick to this formation for as long as possible.

Higuain and Cutrone are playing amazingly together.

The whole team seemed to be perfect against Sampdoria. AC Milan should use the formation for at least the next few weeks. The Rossoneri really need wins and if the attack is as lively as it was before, more points could easily come their way. Gattuso needs to organize the team in the same way he did before, aiding Cutrone and Higuain. Both Milan strikers are linking up perfectly together. They can turn out to be one of the deadliest attacks in Italy.