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Arsene Wenger could reportedly replace Gennaro Gattuso at Milan because of Gazidis links

Milan could be looking for a new coach. Ivan Gazidis can help the club land Arsene Wenger if Gattuso stays in this poor form.

Arsene Wenger is one of the most known managers ever. He has established himself as a top manager in the past, though his last few years have been shaky. The French coach is the one who led Arsenal to an invincible season back in 2004, but his last few years haven’t been too pleasant. It went deep downhill to a point fans were desperate for him to leave, putting an end to his 22 year reign at the club.

Gennaro Gattuso is undergoing some tough times at AC Milan, putting his position under scrutiny. The team is currently at 12th place, behind all the other top clubs in the country. The Rossoneri were expected to fight for a Champions League spot and maybe even for the league title, though their slow start to the season has shown that they might not be capable to do so. Milan have one of the best teams in the league, so the attention has shifted towards the coach.

Wenger might be one of the only coaches who can save AC Milan.

Leonardo appears to be having some doubts about Gattuso. This season, reaching their Champions League goal is absolutely necessary. If the team fails to do so, AC Milan can go through one of the worst phases in their history. In the summer of 2017, a project that was aiming to ‘revive’ Milan took place. It only took the club into legal problems with UEFA and caused chaos in the management. Now that Elliott have taken over, they have a more organized strategy in mind.

With the owner of the group being an Arsenal fan, he has appointed Ivan Gazidis a few months ago. The former MLS executive used to work with Arsene Wenger, though he took part in the Frenchman’s departure. According to Calcio Mercato, Gazidis is willing to help Milan hire the former Monaco coach if Gattuso fails to bring the team back up.

Gazidis can help AC Milan appoint Arsene Wenger if Gattuso is to be sacked.

Antonio Conte is another alternative, though the appointment seems unlikely. The Italian coach seems to be heavily linked with Real Madrid, he is also a bit too expensive for AC Milan. Wenger seems to be one of the favorites to replace Gattuso.

Many fans might not be pleased with his appointment, but it might be the only option. Keep in mind that he is a three-time Premier League champion. He has 476 league wins with Arsenal, he is more experienced than Gattuso and could to better in his position.

The Italian coach is definitely a legend for AC Milan, though he might not be a talented coach. He has no great experience and has done nothing in his managerial career that shows he is worth the job. It is strange that in the recent years, Milan have been hiring former legends that have done nothing as a coach. Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi are examples of this. These decisions have led to the club’s fall from the top, and Gattuso might be one of them. The management should stop putting faith in coaches who have done nothing to prove that they can take the club forward.

Wenger could do better than Gattuso in the managerial position.

AC Milan are desperate to make it back up where they used to be. At the moment, Leonardo is trying to find anyone who is able to help them reach their objective. Milan are trying everything to make it back to the top, it doesn’t seem Gattuso is able to do so. Arsene Wenger might not be the most popular among fans, though he is able to help the club rise up, just as he helped do so with Arsenal.