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Paqueta signing could be the end of the road for Halilovic

The former Barcelona midfielder has yet to make a league appearance for Milan, but his time may already be up

Milan are set to complete the signing of an exciting Brazilian prospect. Lucas Paqueta is moving to AC Milan for a fee of around €30 million. This transfer has a lot of potential, but as one player comes, another one goes.

Halilovic’s time at Milan could come to an end after less than a year. Just as Riccardo Montolivo is already expected to leave, the Croatian could be the next one on the list. The former FC Barcelona man joined the Rossoneri for free after he terminated his contract with Hamburger SV. He was excited to make his mark in such a historical club, but the shift in management changed the whole idea of the player.

Halilovic’s time at Milan will most likely come to an end this January.

Halilovic was recruited when the old management were still in charge. Currently, Leonardo and Maldini aren’t convinced about the player and reportedly do not see great potential in him. As the club struggle with Financial Fair Play, they believe it’s better to sell the player and to make some money out of him.

The 22-year-old is yet to play in a league game for AC Milan. Paqueta will be the 6th midfielder in the squad which means that some need to be cut out of the squad. Halilovic is likely to be sold in January and he could be the first out of a few midfielders to leave the club.

Halilovic’s playing time will be limited as there are too many midfielders.

He has never been given a proper chance at the club, and like many Milan players in recent years, he has left before making a serious impact. Although it’s clear what Leonardo has in mind, Halilovic can still be given a chance before he completely leaves the club. He has failed at his previous clubs, but Gattuso might be able to turn him into something special.

Now that he is possibly on his way out, this can give more playing time to other second choice players. Gattuso will then have less midfielders to keep satisfied with playing time, he will also have fewer, but high quality players to pick from.

Halilovic could possibly turn out to be a great midfielder as he still has time ahead of him. His time at Milan isn’t too pleasant, but as they let go of this player, they will have opened the doors to someone new.