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Tactical Review of Milan’s 3-1 Wins Over Olympiacos and Chievo

AC Milan have gone into the international break with three high scoring back to back wins against Sassuolo, Olympiacos and Chievo: here is a look at who is responsible for the improved performances.

AC Milan v Chievo Verona - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

AC Milan have gone into the international break with three high scoring back to back wins against Sassuolo, Olympiacos and Chievo Verona: here is a look at who is responsible for the improved performances.

Suso’s Form Critical

The past two games have had many positives especially with regard to our Spanish tailsman but it also demonstrates the fragility of our attack. Suso has been on form for the past three games and the difference is shocking, his two goals against Sassuolo and three assists at Chievo changed those games. Moreover his performances are showing strong chemistry between the Spaniard and Higuain that will be critical going forward. Suso has been combining well with Higuain creating much more opportunity for attack up front, coupling this with his shots finally hitting the target Milan are looking much more threatening in front of goal. Milan must find a way to keep Suso at his best as the team clearly relies on his performances to put up a convincing show.

Cutrone Influences the Team’s Attitude

We all remember Cutrone’s iconic celebrations from the previous season, charging across the pitch, pressing the Milan badge on his heart and rallying the fans. In the span of a season he has become a cult hero and is one of the most riveting youngsters to watch in the league. Cutrone was a match winner against Olympiacos, the team looked feeble prior to his substitution and he came through big scoring a brace securing two key points in the Europa League fixture. The key to note is the intensity Milan play with when Cutrone is on the pitch, the tackles are harder, the dribbles are are determined and the shots are threatening. It may takeaway from the rest of the team to call Cutrone the driving force but his impact of the team and the fans is undeniable. Cutrone can play a key role this season as a supersub similar to when Dzeko was at Manchester City or when Chicharito was at Manchester United where he comes on late and secures wins. He has already won us 6 points coming off the bench.

Defence is Too Leaky

MILAN HAVE NO CLEAN SHEET SINCE APRIL IN SERIE A. This is worrying. Milan are purportedly hosting the core of the future Italian National Team’s defence in Donnarumma, Romagnoli and Caldara however for Milan they have been notoriously lax and prone to mistakes. Caldara has not yet featured as a regular starter due to his injury and tactical approach. Musacchio has played in his place and has been all over the place with sparks of strong showings coupled with lapses in concentration at the back especially having spaces open when we are facing counter attacks. There seems to be a lack of confidence at the back especially during the second half of games and this needs to be fixed as it can be costly in tight games. Romagnoli has been very solid at the back but is also responsible for some goals with poor positioning. Gattuso needs to tighten the gaps at the back if this Milan squad will try to push for a Top 4 finish.

Biglia Finding His Feet

If there is one player who has taken the brunt of Rossoneri fans criticism over the past year, it’s been Lucas Biglia. However this season he has begun to perform better and more consistently week after week. Biglia has improved his passing and his distribution has been instrumental in the past two games. He imposed himself against Chievo and Olympiacos making key tackles in the midfield and always keep a high intensity when chasing the ball. Biglia has one of the highest pass completion rates in the league and this is strengthening his confidence leading to improved performances. The more significant role for Biglia going forward will be to lead the team and ensure that concentration does not fade as the game wears on. The games against Olympiacos and Chievo show that when Biglia is dominating the midfield and starting off Milan attacks in our half, good things happen.

Higuain Inflicts Fear

Milan had lacked a true no.9 for years since Ibrahimovic left and it finally looks like defences are scared of a Milan attacker. Watching Higuain on the pitch can clearly show why so Milan players are on the score sheet this early on in the season. Often centre-backs ignore the runs of Cutrone, Kessie and Bonaventura as they fixate on Higuain and create lots of space on the pitch. Furthermore his brilliant hold up play and dribbling are making him a simultaneous fan favourite and all round attacker. Perhaps his amazing run of goals is giving Milan fans their voice again (see the chlling video above). Higuain has done amazing things for the squad in terms of goals but his fear factor to our opponents is doing even more in terms of creating more options. Most importantly though Higuain is adapting to Milan and being incredibly clinical, he does not receive the same service that he did atJuventus but he is making the most of the chances he has.


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