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Are AC Milan targeting Mousa Dembele?

The Tottenham midfielder is being spied as Gattuso rallies the troops

Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

The winter mercato is well underway for AC Milan, or so it seems. According to The Daily Mail, Rossoneri Manager Gennaro Gattuso is eyeing major boosts to his side’s midfield.

With a move away from a back-three and wingbacks, Milan could seem depleted in the middle, and in need of battlers who will run the show. Franck Kessie is the only player capable of doing this right now for Milan. Montolivo, Biglia, Locatelli and others in the middle are very capable with the ball, but their off-the-ball work leaves something to be desired. Even more so considering how vulnerable Milan are on the counter.

Enter Mousa Dembele. The Belgian international is currently playing Premier League football for Tottenham Hotspur, and would almost by default, attract a decent fee. He’d be a very good add for a Milan side who really do need to rotate Franck Kessie, just to give the Ivorian a rest now and then!

It’s a realistic move for Milan - but the fee? It could be too much. Milan are in a period of financial limbo where they have seemingly unlimited funds to spend - but not the type of money that could actually save the club. Through a bit of trickery, they could get their player - as they have done so throughout the season so far. However, any move upwards of €10 million would represent yet another gamble for a Milan side that looks increasingly unable to afford any further risks.

We’d love Mousa at Milan, but it’s unlikely. That being said - there are a bunch of transfer wizards at the club who seem to get their kicks from bending the rules. We’ll see what happens.