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AC Milan drop off Deloitte’s 20 Most Valuable Clubs in the World

More bad news for the Milan faithful.

Picture taken 10 september 2006 in Milan Photo credit should read PACO SERINELLI/AFP/Getty Images

Another week, another report Milan just losing oodles of money left and right. This time, courtesy of Forbes, AC Milan has dropped out as part of the “Money League” an evaluation done by Deloitte Financial Company.

The revenue of the 20 wealthiest soccer clubs in the world, half of which are English, jumped by 6% to a record €7.9 billion, mostly driven by higher television income, according to Deloitte.

The scene is not pretty if you’re an Italian team with only Juventus and Internazionale on the list at 10th and 15th respectively.

For Milan, this means the relevance of the once historic and storied club is being overshadowed by the tons of money being poured into clubs and the massive and probably inflated television deals done elsewhere.

Of course, the on the field performances have not helped and a poor last five years has ended in Milan being left on the outside looking in the big players room.

This season, so far, Milan sit in 7th place with 31 points. With all the news about ownership allegedly being in over their heads with the investment they made, this is more bad news for a team struggling for on the field success.

Maybe this the season they can find it and return to past glories.