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In focus: AC Milan’s managerial future

Conte, Gattuso, Mancini - there are some big names in the mix, and some big egos

DIESEL X A.C. MILAN SPECIAL COLLECTION Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Imagesfor Diesel

The foundations upon which AC Milan slumber upon are currently moving at a more than tectonic pace. Constant shifts towards the unknown are being made, and who knows what the ground holding Milan up actually looks like at this point?

And more change is on the horizon.

Rumors are flying around about Milan drawing up a list of potential full-time managers to lead the club into a new era. The current dysfunctional outfit looks set to fall apart come the Summer.

Milan are edging towards becoming a shadow of their former self - which is a damn sight better than what they are currently posing as. This positive move has been bought about thanks to the ghastly presence of Gennaro Gattuso, a touchline-stalker and a training ground dictator. Gattuso’s Milan are physical and determined, and he is certainly making the most of a bad situation right now.

Gattuso would be a wise option for Milan - clubs can only build upon stability, and he has seemingly impressed the current owners at the club. However, he wouldn’t be the ‘sexy’ full-time hire that would win fans around. Still, results could perform that same job. Despite the rocky foundations, Gattuso seems to be building something.

If Milan move on from Gattuso, it’s thought that Chelsea’s Antonio Conte leads the way - simply because it appears that his time is almost up at his current club. Napoli’s Maurizio Sarri would be the ‘dream’ move for many - while Zenit manager Roberto Mancini is also in the mix.