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AC Milan finally move on from Adidas

A generational partnership ends


Iconic things tend to fade away with the ebb and flow of time. We can add entire civilizations, cultures, art - everything to the list of items that time destroys.

After over twenty years, one of the most prosperous and iconic business relationships in sport comes to an end, as AC Milan and Adidas will part ways at the end of the season. We knew this, though.

Who are they moving on to? Reports say Puma - which isn’t bad (except if you’re not fond of a tight fit!).

In terms of finances, this could represent a worry - not because of what’s happening - but because of the trend. AC Milan have lost business with key sponsors over the course of the past year, including Audi. It does seem to be a source of frustration that they can’t hang onto lucrative deals with good partners.

No offense to Puma of course.