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Silvio Berlusconi is done with Milan

He’s not happy

Funeral Of Cesare Maldini in Milan Photo by Federico Ferramola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It seems than when Silvio Berlusconi sold Milan to Li Yonghong, he truly did cut ties with the club that he had forged an eternal bond with after decades of successful ownership.

Speaking to Italian TV (transcribed by SempreMilan), Milan’s former owner spoke at length about his dissatisfaction with the current situation at AC Milan, on the pitch.

Apparently, Gattuso’s Milan go against everything Berlusconi understands about football (what?) in the manner that they go about business game-to-game.

That begs the question - what does Berlusconi understand about the game? It would seem that Gennaro Gattuso is doing what he can, all that he can, to get Milan back on track. Is that not good enough for Berlusconi? Surely this would be more of a barb aimed at the current ownership, their policies, their spend and their plans? Again, I back that up with the fact that Gattuso is very much surviving a ‘trial by fire’ right now - someone like Berlusconi should understand that.

All in all, we must ignore the words of Berlusconi which add little topping to the poor situation at AC Milan.