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Bad news for Milan as their financial situation remains unresolved

Milan’s situation has found no resolution


Milan, somehow, still find themselves amid the race for European places in Serie A despite a run of poor form over the past few months. While their form is a worry, the biggest concern for Rossoneri fans must revolve around the lack of a resolution when considering the financial reckoning of the club at the bottom-end of 2018.

There has seemingly been no effort by Milan to repay the interest of the loan, nor the loan, provided to them by Elliott Finance. The Italian paper, La Repubblica are reporting that Milan’s owner, Li Yonghong is facing an immediate bankruptcy threat.

What this means, is that it’s almost certain, at this point anyway, that Milan will fall into the ownership of Elliott.

This is a poor situation for Milan, as they will be sold off to owners with perhaps zero interest in the actual welfare of the club. There are even reports emerging that they want to keep Yonghong Li in charge as he struggles to find a loan, to pay off his loan.

It’s a strange situation and it seems that the wrath of UEFA’s FFP rules are the least of Milan’s concerns right now.