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AC Milan must prioritise Suso contract extension

After a hectic mercato, Milan turn their focus inwards

FC Crotone v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Of all the players to have a quiet pre-season, Suso wouldn’t have been near the top of that list. The electric playmaker didn’t really get his season going, well, until the season started. In fact, with Milan’s action over the summer - a loss of Suso wouldn’t have been a critical blow - and Milan would have filled the Suso-shaped hole rather quickly.

However, It’s taken just two Serie A games to propel Suso back to his place on top of Milan with some excellent performances throughout August. Despite all of Milan’s signings, Suso remains their most incredible player - capable of changing the tide of a match at will. They’ve spent a lot up to this point and they are in a position where yes - losing Suso would scupper the project at Milan. Milan’s new signings are still bedding in - and none, not even Leo Bonucci - can do what Suso does. Andre Silva might go onto do it for Milan, but in the here & now, Milan’s star is Suso.

It seems that Milan are making moves to sign Suso down; and good. Losing this player would be a huge blow to Milan. However, if they do get some cash for him - we at least know it will be spent well!