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Post-match thoughts: AC Milan 3-2 HNK Rijeka

Perhaps that was a bit too close

AC Milan v HNK Rijeka - UEFA Europa League Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Well, by no means was it pretty, but a win is a win right?

Milan kicked off at the San Siro and I can’t imagine the fans were happy with what they saw because really the opening play was in favor of Rejika. It wasn’t until the 14’ when Borini played in a lovely ball to Andre Silva who went around a man and slotted it into the side netting to put us up 1-0. The first half ended without anymore real chances, and a lot of questions started to form regarding Milan’s play, as they should’ve.

The second half was much like the first, with Milan and Montella giving the fans nothing really to be happy about until the 53’ when Cutrone headed a ball down that took a deflection of Bonucci, which Musacchio smashed into the net to put the home side up 2-0. Milan seemed to be content with just sitting on that lead and not going in for the kill, and what a surprise Montella’s tactics didn’t work. Bonucci tried to slide a ball back to Donnarumma as he was about to be beaten to a ball on pace, but there was nothing doing as the prior ball essentially set him up for failure. Acosty latched on to it and while it seemed as if Donnarumma made the initial save, an unfortunate spin took it into the goal in the 84’. While I was sitting there cursing Montella still being at the helm, I almost missed Romagnoli stupidly fouling a Rijeka player in the box and gifting a penalty, which was slotted away to make it 2-2. Luckily, a beautiful ball was played in 3 minutes into stoppage time that Cutrone met beautifully and put into the net to give us the 3-2 win (and bail out Montella).

Look, if you haven’t figured out by now, I don’t like Montella. This project is over his head and Carlo Ancelotti’s recent availability should be noted by literally everyone involved with Milan. We didn’t look convincing at all and truthfully I’m pretty nervous for when we face Roma on Sunday. Montella is going to seriously need to get himself and the team together in order to fix this, or Ancelotti will restore the faith.