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Vincenzo Montella worries about Milan’s fitness as backroom changes herald new horizons

Montella doesn’t like Milan’s physical prep, thus far.

UC Sampdoria v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Of all the things to blame after a game in which a single shot on goal was not to be found, you might not be inclined to blame, or to even think about, physical preparation.

However, Milan’s head coach - Vincenzo Montella sees it as an area that the Rossoneri need to improve on and has made changes so that Milan can be better prepared, by manner of fitness, for crucial games. He had the following to say on his Twitter feed.

It seems like a slight case of the old ‘scapegoating’ here. Milan’s physical preparation had previously been identified as a key area by Marco Fassone, who said that in an ideal world, all of Milan’s business would be completed by July so players, the full group, would be ready to train together.

Blaming physical preparation for Milan’s slightly wonky start in September seems a bit.. off. However, Milan are serious about this, as Milan’s fitness coach - Emanuele Marra has been dispensed with after disagreeing with Montella’s new fitness plan.

Could it be the Vegan diet again? Could that be returning? Who knows - let’s hope that this new plan can at least help Milan score a few goals.