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For all of Milan’s money, they cannot buy a shot on goal

Milan didn’t register a shot on goal all afternoon, despite a lot of firepower

UC Sampdoria v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

AC Milan are a team in transition, that much is clear.

Montella echoed those thoughts after today’s loss against Sampdoria, by admitting that the whole Milan project is still very much that. A project. A work in progress. Milan are killing it in the Europa League, but have endured an erratic start to Serie A this season, with two crushing defeats in between sparkling victories.

Maybe we expected a little bit more than zero shots on goal in an away match at the Ferraris against Sampdoria. A loss, sure - that can happen. A loss in which Milan’s new team fail to register a single shot on goal? On target? Unthinkable.

Whatever is working away in Macedonia, Vienna, Rijeka and Athens doesn’t seem to be working in Rome or Genoa - AC Milan are split between a team that dominates in Europe against a team that is decent at home. There seems to be no correlation between Andre Silva in the Europa League and Andre Silva at home. Milan can score anywhere except seemingly in Italy.

That is, however, the reality of this very topsy-turvy project. For all of Milan’s cash, they are struggling in some areas - mainly scoring. Maybe we are just being treated to two worst-case scenarios early on, but a third massive loss will show a trend, a fourth? Well - Milan not being able to scrap Inter or Juventus? That would be devastating, would it not?

How patient can a fanbase be, when all that the fanbase has ever experienced is success?