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The Morning After: Lazio woes show Milan is far from a finished product

Woah. That was bad.

SS Lazio v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

So. Lazio vs Milan?There were a ton of things that went wrong, and truthfully, we were lucky it wasn’t more than 4-1 in the end.

Montella posed questions early on with his starting lineup of Montolivo, Biglia, and Kessie in the middle. This lacks any creativity as these really are defensive minded players. I’ve said it time and time again, Montolivo does not have a place in this lineup or this team really. He’s aging, soaking up contract money, and can’t pass the ball to anyone but the opponents.

Additionally, Milan need an entirely new tactical outlook. Our only strategy is pump it up top or go out wide to Suso and let him work his magic. The biggest thing though is Suso is not Lionel Messi. Managers have problems adjusting tactics for Messi because of his ability, but Simone Inzaghi simply had Radu mark him closely throughout the match and he wasn’t able to really touch the ball.

Kessie got the same treatment, and the Ivorian had what was easily his poorest outing of the season. Cutrone was marked completely out of the match and had no one really to be the spark and feed him the ball/make runs. Lazio was tactically superior, painful as it is to admit.

Borini should not be starting over Calhanoglu, and it shouldn’t even be a consideration. It’s sad to say but we really have issues scoring from the run of play. Again, we scored thanks to a set piece, and it was a set piece against Cagliari that saved us points. Montella was hired for his free-flowing tactics and beautiful style of football, but I haven’t seen that in quite awhile.

A change needs to be made because anything but champions league qualification could quickly place Milan on bankruptcy watch. Luckily, it’s only week three so we have time to adjust. Milan is back in action Thursday the 14th in Europa league play at Austria Wien and then back to Serie A play the 17th at home against Udinese. Let’s hope this serves as a wake-up call for Milan because that hurt to watch